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    Dave Newman

    The 'standard' wall plate varies in configuration so often, there's nearly always adjusting / rewiring needed (on older systems anyway). Last install had twin and earth wiring that needed replacing with 3093Y to the boiler, and the old stat cables disconnected. Took about 90 mins to do that bit. A further hour to get the hubR up and running, explained to the customer and programmed.

    Fitting the Wiser TRVs took 2 full days as no radiators had TRV valves previously. That was a lot of plumbing. After the bodies were in place, it took three hours to fit the smart heads as the house was on three floors, had to reset and redo several stats that hadn't added correctly, had to recalibrate a few times. Setting up all the menus etc took a while as well. Lost count how many times I had to re-connect to the Wiser Wifi, that changed network name each time.

    A good system, but nowhere near as simple or quick to fit as made out.

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