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    James Prior

    I have a couple of questions arising from reading the above paragraph "How we calculate savings generated by Eco Mode?".

    You say "We measure the time such situation was lasting, and calculate how much gas, in kWh, you would have used during this time, and knowing your tariff, we convert it to pounds saved."

    Does this presume that I have the Insights+ feature turned on and it relies on the Wiser Trio IHD (In Home Display) to read (tariff) information from my smart meter? I do have Insights+ and the IHD, but my gas meter has not been commissioned properly by my supplier! Of course I realise this is not a Wiser problem. I just wanted you to clarify how tariff information is obtained?

    You also say: "If, however, during activated Eco Mode, the room temperature was way above setpoint, we do not count it as savings as your boiler would not have been on anyway (meaning without activated eco mode the boiler would still be off)."

    A room (kitchen) where I have a Wiser Smart Radiator valve and a Wiser Room stat is showing the Eco mode icon quite often, but the energy saving is still showing Zero for Eco Mode. Might this be because we also use a mobile gas cylinder heater to help keep the room warm this winter (due to expensive gas rates) and this raises the temp above the setpoint? [ I set the scheduled setpoint to provide a small amount of heat in the room, which we then boost with the mobile heater which is cheaper to run.]

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